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Dafna Web Solutions is a Web & App Development Company launched in 2010. Over the years, we have helped a hundreds of clients in virtually every industry start their business, and make an impact to the world.

The word Dafna means Laurel in Hebrew which is a symbolic nod to Victory and Triumph. Yes. As the word means, Dafna is the Laurel Centre which represents the transformation and triumph of its clients. The laurel leaves are used to crown the victors in athletic events, and the leaves are also associated with accomplishments of all kind. We’re the Victor’s Crown.

With this, we want to say that, as the name keep rehearsing in our ears; we do not rest on our laurels. Mean to say that, we will never feel comfortable as we have been successful in the past. We keep moving towards the new technology that keep introduced to the world.


To be innovative, client-centric and successful web solution provider in the world.


To enhance the business growth of our clients with solution from latest technologies that creates value and competitive advantage for quality web and mobile app development globally.