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As more and more enterprises embark on digital transformation including increased adoption of Cloud and IoT, the legacy Enterprise WAN architectures are not able to cope with the needs. In addition, given the pace of business operations and consequent changes required by IT and network to support ever-changing requirements makes the legacy WAN architectures a big obstacle.

When we looked at the Enterprise networking landscape esp in WAN, the products available were too complex to use , took time to deploy and were difficult to manage.

We figured out the key customers’ needs, technology, architecture and the kind of company that can build such a platform. That’s when and why we set up COSGrid Networks.

The Leadership
The leadership team at COSGrid has many decades of experience in the networking and network security technologies developing and launching global products. They have hands-on experience in running in some of the largest IP/MPLS networks and managed enterprises services. In addition, with COSGrid’s patent pending innovations in SD-WAN and cybersecurity, armed with recent capabilities such as cloud-native and AI/ML, COSGrid is transforming the Secure SD-WAN for enterprises.


Q What is Application Services Management?

The process of configuring, monitoring, optimizing and orchestrating different app services is known as application services management.
Today, organizations with their own data centers or which use the public cloud, handle applications services management. In the early days of online adoption, application service providers (or ASPs) were companies which would deliver applications to end users for a fixed cost. This single tenant, hosted model was largely replaced by the advent of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model which was multi-tenant and on-demand.

Q What are App Modernization Services?

Traditional applications were built as monolithic blocks of software. These monolithic applications have long life cycles because any changes or updates to one function, usually requires reconfiguring the entire application. This costly and time consuming process delays advancements and updates in application development.
Application Modernization Services enable the migration of monolithic, legacy application architectures to new application architectures that more closely match the business needs of modern enterprises’ application portfolio. Application modernization is often part of an organization’s digital transformation.